How to Use the Lash Growth Products Correctly

Before beginning to choose the right eyelash growth promoter in order to give a bit more expression to your eyelashes you should remember about some facts which might help you to get the kind of result you desire. Besides it’s absolutely necessary to understand the basics in how to use the eyelash growth products and how, how the serum works and what kind of results you should hope for.

How to apply a lash growth serum?

Lash grow serum is a supreme way of protecting the eyelashes from damaging factors, which can lead to a hair loss. So even specialists advise to use lash grow serum in order to prevent our eyelashes from negative effects of undesired impacts. There are numerous products on the market which the reviewers claim to be the most effective ones but still, how to make sure there will be a result you want? The first trick is you should try to always apply the serum as low to the roots of the hair as you can. This triggers the stimulating effects to your hair follicles and thus will take the shortest time to grant you long and healthy looking eyelashes.

When to apply it?

Some might think that the brittleness of their eyelashes is something they can’t simply fix, but if you apply an eyelash growth serum every night before going to sleep, it is guaranteed the results will not keep you waiting for a long time. The secret is simple – most of these serums contain natural ingredients including vitamin E, almond oil, castor oil, vital nutrients and other components which are crucial for the daily health and safety of your eyelashes. We advise you to remove all the cosmetics off your eyes every time you go to bed beforehand, in order to reach maximum absorption of serum and apply lash grow serum as earlier as you can every day to give it some time to take action. These simple rules will provide you with the best results in a short period of time.

Is the eyelash growth product safe to use?

You might as well try to make your own lash grow serum at home which is pretty simple, but you should pay attention to a few details before that. In addition, in order to protect your eyes from infection and other harmful factors it is strongly recommended to use special brushes designed to apply the serums. It is also recommended not to forget about temperature conditions, since your homemade serum may alter the composition under high temperatures. Pay attention to expiry date when buying a professional especially if you buy it online since expired products might cause unpleasant side-effects which you surely don’t want to face with.