What Is the Most Suitable Time for Sex?

On the one side, the answer to the question, “When is the best time to have sex?” is very simple. That is, it’s when you and your partner have a desire to have it. But on other hand, all of us live according to biorhythms which have a very strong, undeniable influence on all aspects of our lives.
Let’s find out what the studies suggest concerning this topic.

The Ideal Time for Sex

According to numerous studies, the best time to have sex is approximately 3 p.m. The matter is that in the afternoon the estrogen levels in women are the highest. This makes the women to be in tune for sex since their sex drive peaks.
Soon after the time when the estrogen levels reach the maximum, the cortisol levels in women also upsurge. That’s why in the afternoon the woman not only easily becomes sexually aroused, but also feels energized and focused.
According to the experts, in the afternoon, the men also tend to demonstrate more emotional engagement into a sexual intercourse. So, it’s possible to have really a high-quality sex.
However, due to many external factors such as a necessity to be at work in the afternoon it’s often impossible to make love at around 3 p.m.

Morning against Evening

The men and women get into an argument with each other when it comes to choosing whether to have sex in the morning or in the evening.
There is proof that the morning is a perfect time for sex. Thus, the study which involved 1,000 participants has demonstrated that the most suitable time for sexual intercourse is approximately 7:30 a.m. According to the scientists, the morning sex helps release endorphins known for their ability to decrease blood pressure, fight stress, lift energy levels, and boost mood.
Also, the morning time is right for sexual activity most of all since it is exactly the morning when the men experience the maximum elevation of testosterone levels. Because of this, they have high sex drive, sexual stamina, and endurance, especially with free male enhancement pills.
But for the women, the most favorable time for intimate pleasure is the evening. The matter is that for the women the evening is a time for relaxation. In the evening, the women are much more ready for sex than in the morning.
Anyway, a beloved couple can always strike a compromise concerning sex time since sex is not a duty but a mutual desire to give pleasure and happiness. That’s why it’s necessary to frankly discuss the issue of optimal sex time in order to avoid misunderstanding, disappointment, and offence and therefore not to spoil a relationship.

The Bottom Line

Despite the results of different researches, it’s still possible to long argue about what time is excellent for having sex. But the main thing here is to apply common sense. It means that it’s not worth to be clock-watching all the time when planning sex. Indeed, spontaneous sexual desire is something that still exists.
So, think critically and be guided by your sex drive, vigor, and feelings. And this will make your sex satisfactory regardless of the time you have it.